Parry & Associati, to create or consolidate relations with important players in the decision-making process.

About us
Parry & Associati is a Strategic Management Consulting Company covering different market segment.

The two partners, MIrco Perelli and Enza Gioia, have more than 30 years' experience in positions of increasing responsibilities and they used to combine their preparation and understanding of the business dynamics to every project, to ensure the Company concrete results and not just theories.

Parry doesn't offer standard answers, but only customized solutions based on the market contest and the company's customer structure.

Parry has a special partnership with lawyers specialized in the Analysis of Regulations and a staff of legislative Advisors based in Rome and in Brussels.

Starting from 2015, Parry inside their CSR strategy, provides consulting services pro bono for certain start up of Monza and Brianza in the start up phase of their business.

Parry has offices in: Monza, Milan, Rome.