"Interpersonal Relations are played out under the aegis of friendship, while institutional relations are based on the ideal of justice"

Public Affairs and Legislative Tracking
The Company supports clients from the beginning to the consolidation of relations with Institutional Stakeholders and members of the decision-making at National and European level.
Public Affairs means the creation of dialogue with stakeholders, this enable companies to represent their gain and interest clearly. Enterprises can solve vexing problems and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

For greater understanding of the scenario, the actors and the geography of relations, Parry offers a service of Legislative & Multistakeholder tracking.
It is an important tool enlarging understanding of the context in wich the Company operates and provides useful insights to develop, with an anticipatory approach, a strategic plan that takes into account any rules of any threats or opportunities resulting from a redefinition of the regulatory framework of reference.

The Legislative and Multistakeholder tracking system includes:

National : Activities of Government, Parliament, Regions, Authority.
EU : Activities of  Council, Parliament, Commission, Agencies and Supervisory Bodies.
USA : Activities of  Government, House of Representatives, Senate